About us


– from overcoming adversity as a community to building lasting success through Trust, Legitimacy & Respect
NFTs are at the center of an awe-inspiring and sometimes rather scary world of its own that with its Wild West mentality resembles our understanding of gold rushes and fearless entrepreneurship throughout history.
From freeing yourself from the shackles of minimum wage and financial debt, to reinventing your own identity, often leaving behind your physical form entirely, this brave new world allows for a space, in which determination and creative innovation matter more than any “real-life” certificate.
Yet with opportunity comes adversity. Vultures pray on banking as much $ with little to no effort. Cash-grabs with no roots or reputation in the community and outright scams are threatening to tarnish this great venture of our generation and leave people deterred and hurt.
After being rugged (and ghosted for weeks by the "devs") by what turned out to be an illegal 1:1 copy-paste sale of actual Jpegs of Larva Labs CryptoPunks, the community assembled a team to help themselves, create a truly original collection from scratch, airdrop free NFTs to all who lost money and offer a significantly reduced total supply to public mint.

This gave birth to our #ruggedHathPunks movement. An unprecedented movement, created by a colorful bunch, connected through their experience in this community that by its very existence represents what we hold so dear about the NFT-universe in general.
We are very proud to have two of the most respected designers of the Hathor Network NFT space on our team of five and find strength and inspiration in our loyal and passionate community.


We have since rebranded from ruggedHathPunks to HTRPunks.

We have given back to our community by creating what they always hoped to get for their hard-earned money:

A true and legit #HTRPunks collection of 6969 unique 1/1 NFTs in a completely new design with its own grassroot narrative, that fulfilled its promise and made a rugged community whole again and even compensated a second one on the way!

Offering unprecedented cross-chain & pfp-appeal, and being one of the first NFT collections on the Network, we now set our sights on a future, in which our home: the HTR ecosystem grows into its rightful place among the top networks in all of crypto!